Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Pinterest Ideas

 For "the New Kid"

This past Monday was such an awesome day because I got to meet my new Sedge Garden teammates and coworkers! My new school is so inviting and welcoming that it is making this transition to my new school and new grade amazing! Because I was "the new kid" to the school it got me thinking about how to make new teachers or first year teachers feel welcome when coming to school. It is inevitable that each year there is either a new member to your team, or a new person to your school. When I was a first year teacher, I was given a lot of supplies and items that most teachers could want or need in a cute little basket. Then as I became the seasoned teacher and had new teachers come to my school, I did the same thing! The problem with buying teachers little gifts to fill their classroom is that you never really know what they need. Do they need the 100's chart poster, fire drill directions, or the multiplication tables poster? On Monday I realized the perfect gift to give to new teachers, because my new coworker/ friend gave it to me! It is a pencil vase to put flowers in! Laura explained to me that she got a vase from the dollar store, hot glued pencils on it, and a ribbon around it.

How cute! If you want to see step by step instructions you can see them at this blog!

Also, on Pinterest you can find how to make this vase with colored pencils. Both are beautiful, cheap, easy, and most important- useful ways to welcome a new coworker!


The next project on my Pinterest list this week was to make Privacy Sheilds or as I will call them, "offices." You know when you give a test (at any age) and although you tell the kids not to peak, you still see those wondering eyes? Well this is a cheap and easy way to make sure your kids aren't cheating off each other, while making the kids feel grown up by calling them offices. If you were to try to buy these from a teacher store, they would cost about 4 dollars a shield. However, yet again my friend Laura taught me about making these. All you do is buy the 15 cent folders from Walmart and a roll of shipping tape and you are set! Simply tape the two folders together on either side! They fold closed to fit perfectly inside a standard student desk. If you want to laminate them it will help preserve them.

Mrs. McKillop

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  1. I feel so famous!!!! Lol Thanks for being such a great coworker, and more importantly best friend!